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Why Use Mercury?

Clients like Mercury and use it to see their project in more depth and truly lead with the Mercury Platform. Outsourcing companies love Mercury because it helps make sure the client is in full knowledge of what is being built and continues on an agile development cycle that is preferred to compete into today's world of software innovation.

Mercury was designed for outsourcing development.

Let's take a look at these two use-cases separately...

You are...

Freelancer or firm

The Mercury Platform was designed by outsourcers to fix the issues we had first hand. Issues such as clients changing their expectations mid-sprint, lack of clarity around individual items, reliance on out dated waterfall practices that often cause mismatched expectations, and communication being broken between multiple stakeholders; clients, developers, PMs, and others were addressed and successfully fixed our operations. Mercury worked so well, we had clients and developers asking us to spin it out so they can use it independently.

Clients rated the experience a 10/10 and retention (+100%), revenue (+70%), and satisfaction (10/10) all went up. Not only these great perks were seen with Mercury, it also turned the cycle into an agile flow that provided more recurring revenue helping tamp down the ebbs and flows of outsourcing on a waterfall model.

If you'd like to work side-by-side with your clients, but not have them overwhelmed or able to disrupt the development cycle, Mercury is for you.

You are...

Hiring a developer

When you aren't technical it is nearly impossible to write specs let alone vet talent. How are you to know what is needed and what makes a good developer over a bad one? Software is never truly finished, so you will have an on-going relationship, how are you to know you can do this with the same developer over and over if you are contracting out just one development at a time. On top of this, you're also going to necessarily fall behind competition that is using the tried and true agile development cycle that develops in 1-2 week intervals, not every 3 months like one-and-done development does.

The Mercury Platform allows you to easily understand the main concepts as well as give you the ability to write specifications that are going to get things done in a more systematic approach. We will, free of charge, help you write some general requirements and even help by introducing you to development talent that is vetted by us and our experience. The development team you choose (our or one you find) will be able to use the Mercury Platform to give you top-notch service and control, peace of mind, and predictability. If you are too busy or need to have it go perfectly, offer an add-on service of Project Management to really give you our input and lead the development for you on an hourly basis.

If you're interested in free specification and the other perks mentioned, write [email protected] and we'll help you succeed the best way you see fit.

If you don't know how to write specifications or lead development outsourcing, we can help in a number of ways.

Mercury is built to help both freelancers/firms and clients. Therefore, we are an ideal fit for anyone outsourcing development. We take great pride in making a great solution that delivers results and ultimately pays for itself in longer client engagement and more revenue for you and your team as well as allowing clients to see more progress, quickly with the software and a real way to have control over the technical process of development.

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