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By replacing your other project management tools such as Asana, Jira, Trello, Slack, and Email, you, as an outsourced development operation, use with clients and your team, you will save hundreds or even thousands of dollars each month and gain one place to track all of your ongoing projects and their respective histories.

During outsourcing, you can need certain pieces of information at various times no matter what your role on the team. Things like UDIDs and device types are needed by technical teams while brand coloring, important reminders, and other information can be useful to everyone from marketing through development. The Mercury Platform offers these abilities and makes them easy to navigate for any of the users.


The profile is what the Mercury Platform has for your email address and the type of user you are on this particular project. If you are a Team Admin, you are able to see a “billing” button which will allow you to upgrade your team to a paid one or amended your already paid team’s billing details.

A true profile picture (of the user's face) has shown to be a great way to build relationships with clients in even the earliest days, even when you never meet face-to-face.

Project Info

As its name suggests, Project Info is the screen that has all the project’s information. Your team is shown to you here and if you’re a team admin you can invite users to this project

from here. In addition to this are two boxes that are structured text boxes.

Add Device

UDIDs and the types of test devices the client and team will be using are best kept here. By clicking on “Add Device” you get a simple pop-up to fill in your UDID or another Device name. Saving it keeps it there for developers and anyone else needing it in the future.

Important Information

Adding an item to Important information gives you a pop-up with 2 input fields. First is the Name of the important Information. For example, the brand colors are Major: #000000 and Accent: #999999. Putting Major Color and Accent Color for the Name and the hash as the value and saving it makes a great way to list and recall important information your clients and developers may need.

Add Project

The Mercury Platform was designed to bring value to outsourcing firms and freelancers. Once we’ve successfully done that for your organization, you will want to add more projects to put all of them on the Mercury Platform and have truly one source of truth in your relationship with your clients. This is made very easy to Team Admins.

As a Team Admin, you can see a + button in the header of the Mercury Platform next to the project name of the project you’re currently on. To add a new project, you just click that button, add the Project name and create the new project. If you are a free user and this is your 2nd project, before you can do this you must upgrade to our paid plan. Once you're a paying team, you will be able to add any number of clients or projects to your organization.


We try to be straightforward and honest with pricing. We have 2 plans, our free plan and the paid plan. You are able to have a free project with as many users as you like, for as long as you’d like, but having 2 or more projects requires upgrading to a paid team. We currently charge $19/user/m to our paid teams. You will be charged for each individual on the team. If multiple projects are worked on by a single user of the Mercury Platform, we only charge for that one user. Clients or other team members that leave or otherwise go dormant can be deleted from the team and a credit will be applied to your next billing cycle.

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