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Planning & Starting an Outsourcing Sprint

Trello, Asana, Basecamp, Slack, and many others offer project management solution. However, through our surveys of hundreds of firms found out there were an average of 2 used for internal communication and a different 2 for client communication. This fractured state of affairs offers a glimpse into the reason a lot of projects fail to deliver on time &/or on budget (63% & 58%, respectively).

Using agile practices as a guide, the whole process is opened up to the client and they can truly engage, but are limited in their ability to avoid interference which in todays fractured world of Project Management is quite common. Let's take a look at a Sample Project moving through the development cycle in the next few posts.

Planning a Sprint

The planning part of a sprint is when the client and PM (or other team member) are working on a plan of engagement. In the old days this was done in a waterfall method of big bang releases. As software has grown, agile development methods of iteration have found their way into the everyday life of software firms everywhere. However, clients dont' understand this intuitively and the Mercury Platform helps you, the development firm, impart the attributes of agile, while giving a great bit of control and input lost in all other outsourcing relationship tools.

We have clients and ourselves add items to the first column of the Mercury Platform's Overview dashboard. Clients find that they are really working with you from the very beginning as you work together to create a few sprints (at least) to get the app started. This builds great loyalty and aligns everyone's goals from the start, building the very important trust a client needs to have with you to work together.

Throughout development, new ideas come up. The client is welcome to add them in the Planned Items column, but Items can NOT be created anywhere else. This helps keep new requests in their correct place. It puts them at the beginning of the process and makes it impossible to have items changed while sprints are ongoing.

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