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Pen & Paper to Tech: How to transition

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

Are you still confused by the cloud, but need to move your business on-line? The world has been accelerated into the cloud and many are feeling lost. Software has been slowly taking over and with the pandemic came a massive rush forward to work from home as the standard. Blast Off Apps & the Mercury Platform want to help make this transition better through free education and the ability to hire a technical assistant (Project Manager) to handle the whole thing for one flat fee.

From saving money on office space and utilities through the opening up of an applicant pool that is the size of the world, not just your local neighborhood, moving your business to the cloud is becoming the norm.Leveraging the power of software (your own or 3rd party), your business can take advantage of the important revenue when you can’t open your doors unexpectedly. Why not let this experience make you stronger by accelerating your own cloud strategy and get things up and running.

There are many tools that can be utilized and we love to point them out. A lot of these tools can be used free or inexpensively to turn your business into a cloud-based revenue generator. The great part about software is that you can nearly do anything from anywhere. Using 3rd party solutions can help you increase your revenue, but sometimes your needs require more specific help. This is when you start developing software of your own to automate, streamline, coordinate, or any other purpose within your business.

Even knowing what is available is very hard, let alone leading technical workers. In fact, technical workers of different types (like designers and coders for example) struggle to convey ideas perfectly to each other. With this being the case, how is someone with limited or no technical experience supposed to succeed?

Blast Off Apps wants to bring the education, tools, and resources you need on the budget

you set. Our free education on YouTube and our Blog are compiled to help business people that aren’t technical understand what their options are to move their businesses on-line as inexpensively and easily as possible. For larger jobs or to completely off-set the work, Blast Off Apps offers Project Managers that cover all fees during software development from planning, to design, to coding and more all in one flat rate fee on a budget set by you.

Get involved, let us know what you’re struggling with and we’ll try to help!

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