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Updated: Apr 6

By creating a community of local artists of all kinds (and helping those that need it), we can help local art thrive in the NFT world!

Blast Off Apps was founded to offer everyone equal access to complex, technical subjects. Our first attempt is currently helping people develop software, but a new medium has come up with great speed and non-technical people are comprising a majority of the market. NFTs or Non-Fungible Tokens are taking the art world over, but artists often lack the technical ability or just trust in the technology to offer their works to the NFT market.

If you aren't familiar with the NFT market see our post on it here.

By offering pieces to the NFT world, local artists can get not only more exposure to a new niche that is craving art, they can also benefit long-term through commissions on sales. We have created a new piece to the operation, NFTDealr.


Help local artists thrive in the NFT world.

We do this by offering free services and only charge when a piece is sold. You set the price, or if it is to be up for auction. You approve all offers on your original piece. Once sold, you get all (minus any transaction fees, including our 10% fee for listing). On subsequent sales, you receive 1.5%, every single time it is sold. We collect another 1%. There are varied fees when dealing with the blockchain (more here) and we need to make money to help as many artists get their start as possible.

We are striving to be a community that non-technical artists can come to and feel welcomed, appreciated, and compensated fairly.

If you're willing to help, contribute, work with us or our artists, or anything else, we welcome you to the community!

Please feel free to follow us on our journey.


Please contact NFTDealr@mercuryplatform.com to find out more or help out directly!

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