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How is Mercury different from other solutions?

Mercury acts as one system of record, from past to present to the future, in an easy to understand manner that cuts down on disagreements, raises the satisfaction of clients, and generally provides much better outsourced software than old methods of using email, Trello, Slack, etc… to coordinate.

Yes, there are other Project Management and communication platforms. However, none are designed specifically for the unique processes found in outsourcing. Teams tell us time and again that they can't find just one solution. In fact, we found that on average freelancers and firms use 2 tools to communicate internally and 2 completely different tools to communicate with clients. This is a broken system that is too fragmented to give positive results. Current outsourcing involves navigating a lot of risks, communication and organization shouldn't be one of these. By relying on the Mercury Platform to be the source of truth between the client and the team, you are given an easy-to-approach "home" for the whole team.

There are multiple technical facing solution on the market. We use some of them ourselves. However, it was quickly found that putting these technical tools in front of clients required on boarding itself. Eventually, you end up relying on multiple points of contact with clients such as Slack & Email. The longer a client is around, the more spread out, it seems, communication got, so we designed a solution that let everyone be in the same place, but made it non-technical first and included the technical aspects on the developer side, where they are equipped to handle the technical jargon and considerations that burn out, overwhelm, and crush clients. By doing this, we successfully kept clients longer, they got less overwhelmed, and loved continuing to work with us and our team.

As we've said before, the Mercury Platform was designed by outsourcers for outsourcers. It has helped firms raise revenue by over 70% and create longer lasting relationships, over 100x+ longer in some cases, with clients. These are the reasons, along with demand from our development partners and clients alike, we launched the Mercury Platform and decided to get out of development and into helping facilitate developers everywhere and help the world create more software to do the most cliche of things, "make the world better".

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