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Let's Work Together

on Your Software Project

How do you Plan a Project?

We know what to expect and make it 100% transparent. We put our money where our mouth is and help you plan a winning strategy on any budget.

How do You a Hire Developer?

How do you vet talent if you don't know how to code or make apps? How do you even know your choices? We handle these hard questions for you

How Do You Lead?

Leading development is hard. We have experience and the relationships to help you avoid common problems as well as get what you need, on-time

How do you launch & what's next?

Development is never truly finished. You will always need to innovate and we will always be there to help, only charging when you utilize one of our services, our advice is FREE!



We've spent years in the development space. We've seen multiple projects through to completion and beyond. Leverage our knowledge to make your life easier & your project a success!


Adam Paul

CEO & Founder
Blast Off Apps & the Mercury Platform


Blast Off Apps was founded in 2015 and has been building apps with entrepreneurs and businesses since. Adam and the team will help you bring your software project to life with experienced hands.


Inclusive Pricing

There are a lot of things that come up during development of a project. We know this and all our pricing is a simply hourly rate and itemized for complete transparency. Using our proprietary and unique dashboard, we make a difficult to understand and lead process.into one that is easy for anyone, of any technical knowledge level.

Flat Rates

Our rates cover UI, development, code, and everything else. We will find the most economical and technically sound way to move forward, together with you, and give options to develop your app. We set itemized pricing that includes everything for one flat rate  and you control the amount of work done with each "sprint" of development.

Proprietary Clarity

Blast Off Apps has developed the Mercury Platform. This platform makes it much easier to outsource your development. From the very first sketches through the multiple iterations that will come in the future, the Mercury Platform allows everyone better clarity, transparency, and control over the process of outsourcing your software development project.