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Image by RhondaK Native Florida Folk Art


Helping Local Artists take the NFT world by Storm

Why NFTs?

Artist Painting in Studio

New Market

NFTs are just becoming popular and offer unique benefits you can't get from just selling your physical art. This new market is flush with cash due to Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies exploding in value. Offer your  authentic art to them easily, no technical knowledge required!

Photographing Art

Ongoing Royalites

One of the most important differences  in the NFT world are the ability to mint items and every single time they are re-sold you get a royalty. There is no way to get around paying the royalty and the pieces are publically verifiable as unique. This is why many refer to NFTs as "certificates of authenticity"

Furniture & Artwork

Many options

You can offer your items in multiple ways. You can mint a piece separte from the physical piece or add digital accents and motion. You can also offer the actual physical piece to the winner of the auction. From physical to digital, mucial, and multiple other options, the NFT world gives the artist the control.

Can't do the Technical?

We handle the technical and only charge when your pieces sold, determined, by YOU. We are here to help and bring a community to help you with everything technical and unknown.

A Community of Local Artists

We are building a community of local artists in order to amplify the message. The larger the community gets, the more exposure every artist gets which should raise the income you generate.

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