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How is a non-technical person supposed to write specs? They are notoriously difficult for even technical people. Let us take that burden off your plate and do it free, no strings attached!


Find a Developer

How are you supposed to be able to vet talent if you don't know how to code? That problem has plagued outsourcing. We will handle it, free of charge, and give you a platform to succeed with them.

Cost? As low as FREE!

We have developed revolutionary software that helps clients, such as yourself, by giving control of the process and truly having the ability to implement competitive software.


Through the Mercury Platform, we offer clients and outsourcers great value and the ability to work together effectively.


The Mercury Platform makes money from the firms and freelancers we allow on our platform and to be matched with clients, as a baseline service. We also can stay on if you're interested, for a per-hour fee you dictate, but our services are 100% free by design for clients like you!

Analyzing Graphs

Let us know what you need built and see for yourself!

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Want us to do it all for one flat per-hour fee?

We can help you make great decisions, guide the process, and talk to development as well as guide through any updates, fixes, or other technical issues that arise. 


For one flat per hour rate. Get your quote today!