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One Platform for Everyone in Outsourcing

A simple dashboard allowing transparent planning, communication, and tracking, regardless of your technical knowledge.

Over 100% Increase in Engagement

70% Increase in Revenue

Make More Money

Being a single point of reference that offers both high-level views accessbile to the full team & client, as well as a place where all the technical details are agreed to leads Mercury to formalize the agreement in an industry with fluctuating needs.

Plan for Transparency & Predictability

Through a unique connected board structure, non-technical clients will understand more to align expectations with reality. Your technical team will get their own space connected to the client, but separated to not overwhelm them with technical details.

Add Recurring Revenue to your Services

Agile inspired design motivates clients to spend more time and money with your organization. The client understands the cycle more intuitively and builds trust with your organization while you get much better specifications, expectations, and results.

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The Mercury Platform Team

Adam Paul

The Original co-founder of the development firm that gave rise to the Mercury Platform. Working in sales, marketing, and general business operations, Adam leads the Mercury Platform's team with the experience of living in our users' shoes.

Miranda Weston

Miranda leads product at the Mercury Platform. She has been a consultant contracting with clients, as well as worked with startups as a Product Manager at numerous development firms. She makes sure the product is always being improved.

Deshuang Tang

Deshuang writes code and leads the technical team at the Mercury Platform. With extensive experience working on software tools improving development productivity and efficiency, he helps bring great software to life that benefits the whole team.

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