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the Mercury Platform

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Why Mercury?

Keep clients in the loop & transparently coordinate all the work your team needs to do

Built by outsourers & consultants for outsourers & consultants with unique features that improve results

Client centered design to allow for control, yet shield against common pitfalls leading to distrust and delays

To-do lists comprised of easy-to-understand sprints that lead to predictability, trust & longer client engagement

Retain Clients Longer

Agile inspiration leads to easy-to-understand cycles turning your revenue into recurring and on-going & improve results through the leading technical development cycle, agile software development.

Backlog Items created & put into Sprints

Client Approves Scope of Sprint

Development in Progress

Send to Client for Approval

The way items are presented & the level of detail required by the Mercury Platform has become our favorite tool for working with clients during outsourced development cycles.

Raxit Jani | 9spl Dev. Firm

 LifeShare would not have been possible without the Mercury platform... It makes everything so clear there can't be misunderstandings and I feel part of the process.

Namdi Asogwa | CEO & Founder Lifeshare

What Early Users are Saying

Communication Segmented

Communication is set-up to get more code written with less misunderstandings

Per Item

Directly message people on the team or the client to clear up any details or discuss 


Comment directly on items which helps give granular detail to clients and development

Per Sprint

Commenting on sprints allows the team to communicate about all the items in a sprint

Per Dashboard

General chat is segmented for the people & details needed; Overview (client) & Development

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