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Why Mercury?

Keep clients in the loop & transparently coordinate all the work your team needs to do

Built by outsourers & consultants for outsourers & consultants with unique features that improve results

Client centered design to allow for control, yet shield against common pitfalls leading to distrust and delays

To-do lists comprised of easy-to-understand sprints that lead to predictability, trust & longer client engagement

Communication Segmented

Communication is set-up to get more code written with less misunderstandings

Per Item

Directly message people on the team or the client to clear up any details or discuss 


Comment directly on items which helps give granular detail to clients and development

Per Sprint

Commenting on sprints allows the team to communicate about all the items in a sprint

Per Dashboard

General chat is segmented for the people & details needed; Overview (client) & Development

Accessible Agile

Agile inspiration leads to easy-to-understand cycles turning your revenue into recurring and on-going & improve results through the leading technical development cycle, agile software development.

Backlog Items created & put into Sprints

Client Approves Scope of Sprint

Development in Progress

Send to Client for Approval

Frequently asked questions

Why use Mercury?

See full answer here If you are a freelancer or firm Clients struggle to write clear specs and there is no easy way for them to keep on the same page as you and your firm or consultancy. On top of this, clients have a habit of changing specs and the high costs in terms of man hours can shock many. Mercury offers an easy to understand, battle-tested, dashboard that separates technical conversation from the client-facing communication. This helps cut down on overload for clients and the agile-inspired development cycle makes it more intuitive and easier to follow than any other option available. If you’re hiring a developer When you can’t code, you struggle to know where to begin. Our team at Mercury can help, free of charge. We can help you develop a good set of specs and source talent to make those turn into your working software and support you beyond. We will even stay on your team (for a small per hour fee) to bring expert guidance and input from our team and handle the implementation and development and on-going upkeep of your app. Contact adam@mercuryplatform.com for more information and to find out more about our add-on services.

How do I get started?

See full answer here Sign-up free for one project to see what Mercury is like. Upon signup or login you will be presented with your project’s Overview dashboard. This dashboard is what is used to communicate with the client. You can begin to add items, sprints, and move them as well as move through the other dashboards you have access to in the project.

What are the different roles in Mercury?

Read the full answer here The hierarchy of membership to a team is as follows: Team - freelancer or firm doing technical work with clients Team Admin - adds projects & controls the team including roles Project Manger - team member that works directly with the client & dev. Developer - team member that does the technical (non-client facing) job daily Client - getting software made, the non-technical person & most limited on Mercury

How is Mercury different from other solutions?

Read the full answer here Mercury acts as one system of record, from past to present to the future, in an easy to understand manner that cuts down on disagreements, raises the satisfaction of clients, and generally provides much better outsourced software than old methods of using email, Trello, Slack, etc… to coordinate.

Who should be using Mercury?

If you are looking for developers, are a development or project management consultant, or have a firm, the Mercury Platform provides a bridge between non-technical and technical people and acts as the place to know exactly what is happening with a project at any time. It does this and frees up the team to focus on their responsibilities, leaving the Mercury Platform in charge of where we are and where we want to be as well as where we have been.

What does Mercury cost?

Mercury is charged per user. The amount per user depends on how many projects are active. We do this to make it affordable for you no matter what level of clientbase you have. See more on our pricing page If you’re hiring a developer, we can help you get things started and connect you with quality development talent or stay on the team to give our experienced input and guidance to you and your project allowing you to do nothing more than request what you would like. Contact adam@mercuryplatform.com for more information.

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